Seariders Web Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored in your browser when you visit a website. These files contain information about your browsing activity and are used to enhance the user experience.

How do we use cookies at SeaRiders Web?

At Seariders Web, we use cookies to:

  1. Analyze traffic: Cookies help us understand how users interact with our website, allowing us to improve navigation and provide relevant content.
  2. Personalize the experience: Some cookies remember your preferences, such as language or region, so you don’t have to set them each time you visit the site.
  3. Advertising: We use cookies to display relevant ads based on your interests.

Types of cookies we use

  1. Essential cookies: These are necessary for basic website functionality. Without them, certain features won’t be available.
  2. Analytics cookies: These allow us to collect data on how users navigate the site. We use this information to enhance our services.
  3. Advertising cookies: Used to display relevant ads to users.

How can you manage cookies?

You can configure your browser to accept or reject cookies. Check your browser’s help documentation for more information on how to do this.

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