Cala Mondragó

Tourist Guide: Discover Cala Mondragó, Mallorca


Cala Mondragó is one of the most spectacular destinations in Mallorca, known for its natural beauty and crystal clear waters. Located in the Mondragó Natural Park, this cove offers a perfect combination of unspoilt nature, white sandy beaches and exciting activities for all tastes.

How to get there

Cala Mondragó is located in the southeast of Mallorca, near the town of Santanyí. You can get there by car, following the signs to the Mondragó Natural Park, or by boat, which allows you to enjoy the Mallorcan coast from the sea.

Activities in Cala Mondragó

Snorkelling and scuba diving:

  • The transparent waters rich in marine life make Cala Mondragó an ideal place for snorkelling and diving. Bring your own equipment or rent it locally to explore the fascinating underwater world.


  • Mondragó Natural Park has several hiking trails that pass through diverse landscapes, from pine forests to cliffs with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. Recommended routes include the Sa Font de n’Alis trail and the S’Amarador path.

Beach Relaxation:

  • This place has two main beaches, S’Amarador and Cala de ses Fonts de n’Alis, both with fine sands and calm waters. Perfect for a relaxing day in the sun.
  • The park is a point of interest for birdwatchers.


  • Early Visit: Cala Mondragó can get crowded with tourists, especially in high season. Arrive early to ensure a good spot on the beach.
  • Sun Protection: The sun in Mallorca can be very intense. Wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself.
  • Respect for the Environment: Remember that you are in a natural park. Don’t leave rubbish and respect the local flora and fauna. Conclusion

Cala Mondragó is an unmissable destination for any visitor to Mallorca. With its natural beauty and variety of activities, it guarantees an unforgettable experience for all sea and nature lovers.

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